Sunday, September 30, 2007

Woosterfest---The Aftermath

Ahh Woosterfest, where the locals have forgotten the Germanic heritage behind the Oktoberfest tradition. We meandered our way down to the square last night, dog and baby and Divari's in tow, and checked out the local festivities. Our arrival was beset by delays however.
It was all The Kov.
You see, The Kov was also supposed be coming down but it is my belief that he was scared off by the fact that Woosterfest was holding a Cornhole Tournament (or cornholing tournament...I'm not sure which). Anyway, The Kov suddenly contracted a case of "Forgotten Previous Appointment-itis" and had to bail.
But we soldiered on without him.
Woosterfest in and of itself was a lot like the county fair without the gypsies and the carnival rides of questionable safety. There were lots of food places to visit. You could indulge your sweet tooth at the funnel cake stands, buy an Amish Fry Pie, munch on some Lerches donuts, or nibble on candy apples and elephant ears. You could satisfy your hunger with ribs, chicken, corn dogs, and blooming potatoes. All of this is very ethnic and ties directly into Germano-Hungarian Oktoberfest tradition. They even had ONE bratwurst vendor. Woosterfest...a Germanic tradition...
Yet we had three Rib places because...well I have no clue.
But they did have beer at a modest $2 a cup...far better than stadium prices. They also had wine but I had my white-trash going on and avoided the wine booth.
But for the truly German, you could check out the fine variety of tie-dye t-shirts for sale flanking all the vendors selling Native American knockoffs. Again, what's a German to choose?
My most aggravating moment was visiting Seattle's Beer-Swilling and sometimes Coffee House. Seattle's used to be the great Bohemian coffee shop but then whored themselves out to sell alcohol. The service was always good and the place was clean. Now...not so much. The men's room smelled very much like a football team took all their jock straps after a hot gamer and urinated onto them, stuffed them into a poorly ventilated room, and left them to marinate. After escaping that hell, I waited in line for 5 minutes waiting to get someone to fetch me a mocha. But the tools behind the counter seemed oblivious to my waiting as they were far too busy talking to the same person the entire time.
But I digress.
Woosterfest as a cultural affair only appealed to two distinct cultures. Agriculture and Horticulture. However, there were plenty of places to eat, lots of great live entertainment, and plenty of things for kids to do. Essentially, there was something to do for long as you weren't truly German.


craig said...

How can anyone pass up something called , "The Bahama Mama" Bratwurst? Aside from a name coming from a fine Germanic heritage it is the gift that keeps on giving! And Jen you may have won the battle BUT NOT THE WAR!!!!!
A fun time was had by all, man woman and canine alike!

Mandi said...

I believe our canine companions had the best time of all. I mean, who amoung the humans got FREE ICE CREAM TREATS!?!? **poor Buster** and his **SUPER BRAINFREEZE!** :)

MegatonMaynard said...

Yet he's still fully functional today!

JT said...
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JT said...

Oh man, I really missed out!