Thursday, September 20, 2007

Megaton Maynard's New Film Project

So your hero has received pitches from his Hollywood contacts for his new film. First we have:

In Megaton Maynard 16: Fear Fracture, Maynard teams up with two other international super types, The Black Lily from France and the Iron Sikh from India, and we go globetrotting, killing the animated zombie remains of past super-villains. Sounds tight, eh?

Then we have:
In Megaton Maynard 16: I Quattomus, Spy Smasher and I go to Moonbase Q where we have to rescue the wreckless and feckless Dr. Quatto from his own Herpes-bots and other nefarious "super-sciencey" constructs made sinister by tampering with by some villain, either the evil Dr. Quest twin brother Dennis or an alien like Moroni of Fagtar.

So loyal readers, which of these fine pieces of cinema history do YOU think Maynard should make next?


MegaDisgruntled said...

How about:

MegatonMaynard : DORK

Old said...

Lush Man rules!

p.s. we have been watching two episodes of the tudors each morning. we are up to 5 and 6 this morning. pretty cool show. i thought there were a lot of naked women on hbo, but showtime might have them beat on a breast per minute average. that is bpm average. Hubba! Hubba!