Monday, September 10, 2007

MTV's Video Music Abortion Show

So "Music" Television put out their annual stroke-fest of shitty videos by shitty artists. The usual antics went down. Kanye West vowed never to return to MTV after getting shut out of five awards. He was overheard saying something to the effect that MTV is keeping the Black Man down. Judging by the cavalcade of mediocre R & B, rap, and hip-hop artists on MTV every day, I think Kanye needs to realize what this superhero has known all along. He sucks and he's lame.

Tommy Lee got kicked off the show before it even began after Kid Rock kicked his ass. Kid Rock? Serioulsy? And Tommy Lee? He was last relevant during the Clinton years (not the ones coming up). And he gets smacked around by a beer swilling southern redneck. Awkward....

Justin Timberlake got his dick waxed by the usual suits at MTV, filling him with enough confidence to challenge MTV to "show more music" and less reality TV. Chances are he'll get hi wish and your hero will be stuck wasting away through MORE Justin Timberlake videos.

And of course there is Britney. Slightly paunchy, uninspired, out of step, and she can't even lip-synch right anymore. As a media darling, Mega-Maynard knows when to mind his business in the entertainment world. I couodn't tell if she was wasted on 'ludes or valium but she should juts give it up. She has an obligation to her legions of monkey-spanking fans to stay freakishly thin, lip-synch with the best of them, and gain more publicity than those peers more talented than she is. I mean at this point, it seems K-Fred has more going for him than Britney.

Anyway, watch the video before it either gets pulled or you stick a red-hot fork in your eyes to blind yourself from the horror.

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craig said...

Why is it that when I watch this video I hear a deep throaty voice from South Park saying, "ANYONE WANT A LAP DANCE?" I couldn't make it thru the entire vid.
I know that the word "mistake" is not in Mega Maynard's dictionary (as well as collateral dammage and artistic integrity) but I would like to point out the worst thing about Kid Rock, he's from Detroit, he's a wannabe redneck, perhaps the worst kind.