Friday, September 7, 2007

Oh The Humanity

News reports have surfaced indicating that "High School Musical" pop-tart Vanessa Hudgens has been a naughty girl who let her boyfriend snap nude photos of her in their hotel room in Hawaii. As you all know, Megaton Maynard, superhero extra-ordinaire, is all about celibacy and morality. Maynard's credo is that, "There is no time for love or generalized nudeness when crime is afoot". However, as a superhero, Megaton Maynard is something of an investigator, having honed my skills while working closely with Lush Man. Lush Man always taught me that scandalous nude photos of any young starlet need to be "poured over with a fine tooth comb, often sacrificing hours of your day to not just study the nude in question but to seek others like it. Well my loyal readers, your hero WILL be studying this scandalous nude photo several times a day for at least 5 to 7 minutes a pop. . . you know, to confirm that it really is her and not like Fidel Castro in drag or anything.

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