Thursday, September 13, 2007

Megaton Maynard is Down with the Ladies

I would just like to say that Jen and I have totally awesome friends. Last weekend Jen had a booth set up at the Medina County Ren Faire and her BFF, as always, came through in the clutch. Trixie was kind enough to help Jen set up and work the booth all day Saturday while her mild mannered billionaire philanthropist husband Andrew worked kid duty and paparazzi to the Ren Faire stars. From dawn till late afternoon they stayed with us through thick and thin. To make things that much better, Shannon and Kev also came to hang with us. Shannon was charming, Kev cured my hiccups again, and we had a fine time. Shannon and Kev even went the extra mile to get us seats at BW3's for dinner and waited for us to tear down (also with the help of Trixie and Drew) the tent and pack up. Then on Sunday, the Divari's came down to the faire, hung out with us, bought a giant hat, and helped us tear down again. I wanted to post a picture of Andivari on here today but his wife tells me he fears cameras as soul-sucking tools of the devil that will exile him to a life of boredom and insignificance (kinda like Skippy).

Regardless, I would like to offer my most heartfelt appreciation for the love and friendship you have all shown to us...even when it involves handcuffs, silly string, and squeegies. To wit, I am honored to call all of you my friend.


MegatonMaynard said...

Even thought this is being posted under Eric's name I wanted to say thank you again to everyone who came out. I really thought it was great that you showed up to support me and my endeavors. A special thanks goes out to the BFF clan for their help and just general friendship. You guys rock!All I can say is, I am truly blessed to have such good friends. I raise a glass to you all. :-)

Denise (aka Trixie) said...

aw gee, you guys have gone and made me blush,..
You know the feeling is reciprocated to the max, right?
And, just for the record, you can SHOW me how appreciative you are....hominahominahomina...