Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Swedish Murder Machine

What can I say about the Venture Brothers and Brock Samson? It is far and away the BEST animated series on television today. As a lifelong comic book geek, it is refreshing to see a new take on on an old topic. The characters are both fleshed out creatively as well as painfully stuffed into old stereotypes. The villains are campy, funny, deranged, and cool. The pill-popping addictions of "super-scientist" Rusty Venture are both comical and compelling insofar that to be a failed son of the greatest scientific mind the world has ever seen might drive many of us to imbibe painkilling vices. The henchmen are great and one of the finest moments comes in season two when the henchmen are in a support group together... to stop the "henching" mentality.
I love the Monarch. Dr. Girlfriend, and Phantom Limb. Minor villains like White Noize and King Gorilla are just deep enough to rivet our attention to them. And through it all, the hapless boys have only died a dozen or so times, only to be re-animated as clones after each increasingly graphic death.
But the best, hands down, is Dr. Orpheus. Granted, I dig Brock and the Doc and the Monarch...but Orpheus just rules. Single dad raising his own little goth-kidlet, master of arcane sorcery, he looks like a dracula, and his overly-dramatic delivery of his dialog just kills me.

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The Venture Brothers

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