Thursday, September 6, 2007

With Apologies to Cookie

Well, it turns out that while I expected someone to complain about being on the porno list, I was not expecting a complaint for being left off. My beautiful, talented, lovely, and well endowed with huge tracks of land sister-in-law has called your humble blogger to the floor for leaving her the list.

So Cookie, here are some of the finer porn-starlet names I have discovered for you.

Cream Cookie
Pink Cookie
Cookie Lubber
Cookie Spreadum
DP Cookie
Stretch Cookie
Cookie Stump
Buster Cookie
Cookie Cox
Cookie Lipps
Cookie Funkenstein
Cookie Holiday
Cookie Samples
Cookie Kramz
Cookie Canyon
Cherry Cookie
Ginger Cookie
Malt Licka Cookie (for the brothers)
Cookie Chow
Cookie Mounds
Cookie Cleavage
Whopper Cookie
Cookie Shagswell
Alabama Fudgeslide Cookie
Almond Joy Cookie Balls

Personally, I don't see myself ever passing up a shot at something as delightfully naughty as an Alabama Fudgeslide Cookie. That's my vote.

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