Monday, September 10, 2007

New Sketch of Megaton Maynard

This comes courtesy of my personal "Dynamic Duo" of The KoV and Divari, animators and illustrators for my many cartoon and comic book series. Notice the intensity of my stare. In the business of Hero-ocity we call this the Thousand Yard Stare, meaning "I am going to dropkick your dumb villain ass at least a thousand yards after I open up on you with the Hammer of Justice". Please note the link on your right and visit Divari's Sketchbook to see even more illustrated fare from Divari and the KoV, like Chico and the Man.


Andi said...

It frightens me the amount of 'roids MM had to take that his wrists are now large than his pimply head!

And frightens me further thinking how cool my impressionable 9 year old will this MM is!

MegaDisgruntled said...

Is this the gay version?

MegatonMaynard said...

Are you hoping it's the gay version?