Monday, July 21, 2008

WWE Finally Releases a Legends of Wrestling Game

Two questions have haunted the likes of The Coach and I for years. One has been, "Wouldn't it be great if they made a Galactus doll...would you buy one?"

The second has always been a question of when the WWE would release their Legends game. Vince McMahon bided his time and outlasted all the competition in the wild world of rasslin and now outright owns the tape archives of virtually all the major federations with the exception of the AWA and the UWF. As such they make a ton of cash on DVD's and own most of the likeness rights to the biggest names in wrestling except Sting.

Over the past ten years the WWE and THQ have put out on the best wrestling series on the PS2 untill the title began to get stale with dumbass "tweaks" to the game that made it stupid, like fatigue meters and shit. One thing about video games that pisses me off is the bizarre sense that a title needs to stay fresh by fucking around with what already works, namely the controls.

Anyway, these games recently began to feture unlockable legends like Bret Hart and Andre the Giant. Squid and I always thought that the WWE was crazy for not just making a legends only game and making even more money. Well, looks like Vince finally figured it out.

Coming out on the XBox360 and the PS3 is WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania. It appears that THQ has simplifiied the controls back to the easier to get four-button approach that carried that franchise for years. The game also has several legends matches already in the system that you can jump right into, including the Hogan-Andre match in Mania III.

The game will feature about 40 wrestlers, all of whom under legends contracts already. Thus, it looks like we will get the following (based on my own opinion):

Hulk Hogan
Andre the Giant
Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Roddy Piper
Ric Flair
Mr. Perfect
The Undertaker
Kane (because they throw his dumbass into all these games)

George The Animal Steel
The Road Warriors
Shiek and Volkoff
Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard
Mick Foley
Rick Rude
Jake Roberts

Junk Yard Dog
Jimmy Hart
Hillbilly Jim
Vince McMahon (because he puts himself over)
Terry Funk
Bam Bam Bigelow
Jimmy Snuka
Dusty Rhodes

Ted DiBiase
The British Bulldog
Brutus Beefcake
Shawn Michaels (gag)
Sgt. Slaughter

So this may leave about 5 guys depending on whether or not they add more than one Mick Foley. With the remaining five, I would like to see:

Randy Savage
Ricky Steamboat
King Kong Bundy

Release is set for next year and no reports on a Wii version yet, though that may change.

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Old said...

So, I am not seeing the Clown on this list!