Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Looks Like We'll All Need Penicillin Shots Before Watching TV

The above pictured ladies are likely smoldering cauldrons of venereal disease stew. Tila Tequila, the one with the forehead so big it's a fivehead, and internationally famous whore Ashley Alexandre Dupre now have more in common than bi-sexuality, raging vag-crabs, and the dubious distinction of accepting more miles of cock than a chicken slaughter house. Yes, that's right, little Ashley is going (allegedly) to be a reality TV star.

""After bringing down Gov. Eliot Spitzer and becoming the most infamous hooker in America, Ashley Dupre is about to stoop even lower than prostitution - reality television. The former high-priced call girl is hungry to become the “next Tila Tequila” with a dating-type reality show that she is now developing with a Los Angeles-based company, E! News reported yesterday.

Dupre, 23, doesn’t yet have a deal to air the show - but she is set to kick her plans into high gear by moving to the Left Coast from the New Jersey mansion where she now lives with her mom and wealthy stepdad. Dupre only gave a coy giggle and said “no comment” when asked about the reality-show plans. Her mother, Carolyn Capalbo, fueled speculation further when she laughed and said: “You’ll have to follow her out to LA.”

The governor-loving good-time girl is reportedly working on her reality dreams with Handprint Entertainment, a management company that reps the likes of Nicole Richie and Pamela Anderson. When asked for comment about reports of their working with the legendary lady of the evening, Handprint’s rep hung up on a reporter twice."" -- New York Post

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William said...

Doesn't Tila Tequila's general facial features and shape of head remind you of a preying mantis?