Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nas Runs Down Fox News

Hello Megaton Rangers, Megaton Maynard here. As you all know, your favorite hero is down with the minority scene. Indeed, he keeps it real and la raza. When I'm not reforming inner-city gangbangers or kicking it old school with the latino fellers on the street corner, your hero keeps abreast of current events facing the hip hop community. You may remember my hip hop record, "As Huge as I Wanna Be", as yet another testament to the Maynard's commitment to immersing himself in the afroteque community. Well, rasp sensation Nas recently held a rally with outside Fox News studios. Here's some footage shot with my new helmet cam.

Afterwards, this Ranger gave Nas a lift to his video shoot for "SlyFox" on my mega-cycle (always wear a helmet kids, otherwise look at what happened to Skippy). Anyway, here is the Nas running down Fox News in his video.

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