Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Heroes" Spoiler

Tim Kring showed the Season Three premier of Heroes at the Comic Con this week. Read on if you want to know what's on tap for the first episode.

The episode is titled "The Second Coming" and penned by Kring, and is the first entry in the show's fall book, which is "Villains."

At least one character without powers will gain a power. And at least one character presumed dead is not (yes, there's still a bit too much of that in this show).

Hiro, in the episode's best-received scene, is given a new quest. The premiere will also introduce a new “speedster," whom Kring describes as Hiro’s nemesis.

Maya is back, looking as if she had a makeover. She's a minor part of the episode.

In a show that's offered a few brain-related gross-out moments, there's a scene in the premiere that out-grosses them all.

Perhaps it's just the enthusiastic Comic-Con audience, but the episode seemed to regain some of the clever wit that marked the show's first season.

Overall: Fan favorite heroes are quickly launched into urgent new storylines. Within about 20 minutes, it's clear the episode is much better than the season two premiere.

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