Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lotusphere 2008

So my hetero-lifemate Andy is blogging his ass off about Lotusphere. I figured I'd better get into the swing of things so that I too may be a part of the Lotusy goodness. Thus, here is my first, and likely, last post on Lotusphere.

Here it goes.


I have no idea what the hell Lotuspere is. It sounds like a fancier and perhaps Thai version of ben-wa balls. The real question is whether the lotusphere is inserted or worn. Does it need lube or can one go "commando". Can one be injured from too much fun with a lotusphere? I mean, do I need to sign a waiver like with the sex swing at the bunny ranch? And further, how user friendly is it. I mean, can I has a threesome with a lotusphere?

That's all I got. Maybe later I'll try writing some hot programmer on programmer Lotusphere porn. Yeah, something like, "He accessed her hard drive and deposited his viral video into the depths of her lotus approach. She looked at him and said, "Be gentle...I'm still updating my backlogs with patches. Oh my, do you have a condom?". And he said, "File not found, baby".


Andy Donaldson said...

I am beyond words....harrumph!

LeeKurz said...

So that's what lotuspheres are. I was so confused, but now a certain someone's fascination with them makes sense!

Anonymous said...