Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The (C)rapture Apparently Came and Went on December 31st

Your hero thinks that nihilists are dumb. And none are dumber than rapture-retards. These idiots have predicted either the end of the world or the rapture several hundred times with no luck. Zero for 336 is pretty shitty batting stats even for the Cubs.

Where can one find some first rate info on God's plans for the rapture? Why from comic books of course.

Ahh, but in the event the end of the world does come, both your hero and his alter ego have the handbook for survival (unless I myself am raptured which would be a cruel but hilarious joke on the rest of you). Follow this man's lead:

But just in case something does happen, and the dead begin to rise from the grave and all that nonsense, take heed and listen to MegatonMaynard's Public Service Announcement on dealing with zombies.

But ultimately, it's all probably just a big cosmic god-clause joke on all of us.


Old said...

I was raptured once. Christ, that was painful.

The Cynical RPh said...

And it just came and went again.