Monday, October 29, 2007

Something For Dr. Whitby

So I found this super cool blog here that is all about the history of the 19th century mustache. As we all know, Dr. Whitby (social climber) is all about the well-groomed handlebar. Thus, I present to you this fine link to educate you, the clean shaven heathens, on the beauty of mustaches and mustache history.

LINK: Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century

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craig said...

"Poorly realized or un-groomed facial hair is a sign of poor fluid movement within the medulla oblongata and must be dealt with post haste with either the use of tripaning and/or a healthy regiment of psychotropic chemicals." from "Maladies & Jolly Good Quirks of the Human Mind Laid forth by the skillful hand of Sir.Dr. Ceril Whitby esq." by Dr. Edmund Fitzhume Hillary Nabooboo-pit-tang