Monday, October 29, 2007

Planning for the Revolucion!

The best kind of revolutionary photographs are the ones so grainy and careworn that it is impossible to date them accurately. Here, two militia-members plan the overthrow of some local
al-tarda sleeper cell, the terrorista of neighborhood toilet papering, or just putting road cones in Morty's driveway at 3am.
The Kreton Militia is everywhere...and nowhere...and dangerously stupid.

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Andy Donaldson said...

Remember that scene in the Pawn Show basement from Pulp Fiction?

What now?

What now? Well let me tell you
what now. I'm gonna call a couple
pipe-hittin'...people(edited for content, this is a family blog), who'll go to work on homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.
(to Zed)
Hear me talkin' hillbilly boy?! I
ain't through with you by a damn
sight. I'm gonna git Medieval on
your ass.

Well, it looks like Marsellus made that phone call.....and these were the men he called.