Monday, October 8, 2007

An Ode to the Gang

So The Coach was back in town for a few days, allowing for us to capture one of the rare group pictures (courtesy of Cookie Fudgeslide). Sadly, fifteen years ago that table would have collapsed under the weight of all the booze we'd have drunk. Check it out:

Please note the disturbing face of one Skippy at left who has the look of one who has just blasted a fecal bomb at the Squid, who's expression is classic. However, with Quatto and Skippy, Squid and Divari, Naked Bob and Coach and Yours Truly...I couldn't help but notice that something was missing. Or more appropriately, someone. See if you can find the missing stooge:

Did you see it? No? Well consider this image then.

Granted it would appear as though some of us are becoming a little too comfortable with one another...and Skippy looks as though he is about to barf while Divari is having a fit of hysterics...but where is the Mort? Try looking again:

Did you see Morty shooting his wicked cool eye lasers and almost killing Naked Bob!?!? And note how Quatto has cleverly taken his Monty Python lessons of Not-Being-Seen to heart?

Ah friendship. So here is a toast to all my sick and twisted comrades out there who have served as a constant reminder of what 20 years of "you zero have ambition" will get you.

(The images above are copyright 2007 by Andi Williams. Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the images above will get your ass shot)

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Old said...

Andi shot me once. I remember it was a warm summer day in Wooster, and I walked along, and suddenly a shot rang out, the maid screamed, and a pirate ship appeared on the horizon. I will never forget that day.