Friday, September 12, 2008

The Simpsons Go All Transformers for Halloween

Simpsons Goes Halloween on Transformers

It’s about time, give or take a month, for a new Simpsons Halloween episode (a.ka. Treehouse of Horrors)—and, man, have we missed Kang and Kodos. This year, SciFi Wire reports that the installment will spoof the Transformers movie. We talked to executive producer Al Jean about what to expect.

Previously, Jean told SciFi Wire:

What happens is Bart gets a Christmas present from a 99 Cent store, and it turns out to be a Transformer. They take over Springfield, and they’re fighting all over the place. Then Marge says to the Transformers, ‘Why do you have to fight?’ And they go, ‘We agree. We’ll just team up and take over you guys.’

When io9 contacted Jean to expound further on the plot, he would say only:

You haven’t been parodied till The Simpsons parodies you.

We're rooting for at least some attempt to parody that robo-watersports moment in the flick. And of course, it won't be difficult to make something funny-scary out of lying on top of your best auto-friend to make out with your girlfriend.

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