Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Movie News: Spider Man and Avengers

Tobey scores big money deal for more Spidey...

Tobey Maguire has apparently reached a record deal to return for Spider-man 4 & 5, according to the Sunday Times. The deal will allow Maguire to take early mornings and evenings off so that he can spend time with his toddler daughter, and also pay Maguire "a record $50 million" for the sequels. The two sequels will be filmed back-to-back over a six month span.

The Times also says that we will know in the next few days if Kirsten Dunst will return for the sequels.

Eva could be up for the role of Wasp...

Eva Longoria is apparently up for a role in The Avengers. She was recently photographed leaving Marvel offices with a stack of Avengers comics in her hand and now the LA Times speculates that Longoria could be up for the role of Wasp.

IGN offers up a bit on the character:

Janet van Dyne/Wasp is a mutant who can deliver a deadly sting through her hands, and has the capability to shrink her body to insect-size. She flies with a set of retractable wings. In the comics, Janet has been married to volatile scientist Hank Pym (Ant-Man/Giant-Man), and has been close with Captain America.

The Wasp, it's also interesting to note, is one of Marvel's most diva-ish female characters, with her sense of entitlement and penchant for shopping. Point being that it's not that big of a stretch from characters Longoria has played in the past -- except for the superpowers.

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