Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Come in...Ray...

Ghostbusters is first film to be released on USB stick

Posted at: 6:03pm 3rd September 2008 by Ben Hardwidge

Now there’s something you don’t see every day: PNY’s 2GB flash drive comes with Ghostbusters pre-loaded

PNY 2GB Ghostbusters USB key

Are you the USB keymaster? You could be soon if you pick up PNY’s new 2GB USB flashdrive, which comes with Ghostbusters pre-loaded. While the music industry has been playing around with USB flash drives for a few years now, the movie business is still relying on discs, but that may change following this partnership between PNY and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

We don’t know what file format and compression settings are used on the film yet, but a spokesperson for PNY explained to Custom PC that it does come with a form of DRM that prevents you from copying the movie. ‘They have DRM protection,’ explained the spokesperson, ‘so customers can download the movie onto their laptop or PC if they wish, but they have to have the USB drive plugged in to watch the movie, as the DRM is locked in the USB drive.’

PNY’s sales and marketing director for the UK and Nordics, Stefanie Summerfield, says that there will also be room on the 2GB stick for ‘12 hours of video play, 33 hours of music and 1,080 pictures,’ and added that ‘this is all in addition to getting a preloaded movie on the USB flash drive.’

The PNY 2GB USB key with Ghostbusters is available from Argos now. Would you be interested in buying movies on USB flash drives, or would you rather stick with conventional media such as DVDs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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