Wednesday, October 15, 2008


InsiderAdvantage: McCain 49%, Obama 47%

West Virginia is very clearly in play now. This was a state Obama lost by over 40% in the primaries and yet is now another red state that McCain will now have to defend. West Virginia tends to vote Democratic in times of economic crisis and we're starting to see that pattern hold true.

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Old said...

The WV voter is a curious voter. Without the cult of Bush, and the cult of 9/11 those bed wetting sons of bitches will probably stay home. Meanwhile the full of hope Obama voters will turn out the vote. I would not be terribly surprised to see WV go blue. I am knocking on wood as I type.

When your entire political movement is based upon the cult of G. Bush, where do you go now? Some have moved further neo-con right, some have moved further fasci-religious, and a few have realized the compatriots are not living in the real world any longer. You become a member of a cult of personality, what do you do when that personality must recede into private life. Sure, I expect a few of them have guns, and a few would cream their Nazi short shorts if G. Bush were to declaim himself dictator for life prior or post election, but I figure they are only a few.

these captchas are hard when one has imbibed a few!