Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Should Maynard Get next?


Or This:

Or Back To This:

Or Something New Like This:

Or a Blast from the Past:


Lester Suppes said...

How about the energy to hook up the webcam I sent you?

That's what you should get.

MegatonMaynard said...

It's a contest of wills you see. I tell the wife to clean around the desk so I can hook it up since it's covered with her crap. So, I tell her it's her fault that you are unhappy. Or maybe Squid's rubbing off on me.

Ann T Quittys thoughts said...

try more like "I don't want anyone to see me wearing jut my boxers in front of the webcam." Now that is the truth!

Lester Suppes said...

Uh, you only focus on your face. I don't have to see the pajamas.