Saturday, October 4, 2008

Movie News~! from 411Mania

20th Century Fox head Tom Rothman, in an interview with IESB, says that the success of The Incredible Hulk has convinced him that "if you really do it right the audience will give you a second chance. That it is possible. And I think that you see that when they did Batman Begins, the first [Christopher] Nolan movie, that you can have made some mistakes along the way or movies that the audience wasn't that crazy about and then given the proper amount of time and the right creative vision behind it, you can, to use your word, reboot."

Rothman added that the new Daredevil needs "a visionary at the level that Chris Nolan was. It needs someone, it needs a director, honestly, who has a genuine vision."

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Harrison Ford says George Lucas is currently thinking up Indiana Jones V.

"It's crazy but great. ... George is in think mode right now [about Indiana Jones V]. It's automatic, really, we did well with the last one and with that having done well and been a positive experience, it's not surprising that some people want to do it again."

The Independent reports that Warner Bros. is paying Kevin Spacey big bucks to have him reprise his role as Lex Luthor in yet another new Superman movie that could start filming in 2009 for a 2011 release.

As reported earlier, Warner Bros. plans to push the next Superman movie in the direction of The Dark Knight by making it darker and more gritty.

300 director Zach Snyder recently told IESB that he is waiting for Frank Miller to write a graphic novel sequel to 300 and that once that is done, he will begin working on the script for the 300 sequel and will then direct the project.

Snyder added that the sequel will take place between the Battle of Thermopylae (the main focus of the original movie) and the Battle of Plataea right at the end of the film and will explore the year-long period between these battles, with the valour of the 300 Spartans inspiring the Greek kingdoms to unite in the face of the might Persian army.

Iron Man director Jon Favreau participated in a web chat today at the LA Times website.

On villains: "We're playing with who the villain should be and what we should incorporate from the comic book. And how it will lead into The Avengers. I think we need some version of 'classic villains' in these movies. Many don't hold up well to time and to the big screen, but their essence should inspire the characters."

He continued about Mandarin, saying the villain "is still an important figure in the Iron Man universe. We have an interesting take on him that allows us to incorporate the whole pantheon of villains. The whole 10 Rings thing in (Iron Man 1) was a good tease for it."

On a female villain such as Madame Masque being used in the sequel: "Female villain... Now there's an interesting notion."

On the sequel: "The sequel is shaping up to incorporate Tony's vision for the future. What happens after he says 'I am Iron Man?' Iron Man is indeed a celebrity. He announced who he was and we have now officially departed from the standard secret ID superhero. Tony was already famous before the announcement. What would really happen if this went down? Fun to explore."

On synergy between these comic films: "Now that Marvel is making its own movies, every movie has to fit into the Marvel universe. The Avengers incorporates not just Iron Man, but Thor, possibly the Hulk and traditionally Captain America as well. As it is, it's scheduled Thor will come out the same summer as Iron Man 2 and Captain America will come out a few months before Avengers. All the films have to come together to create a consistent universe. That's very important to everyone involved."

Favreau also said that the film would hopefully be released in 2010, that Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. would remain important parts of the franchise, and that Iron Man 2 needs War Machine.

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