Thursday, March 27, 2008

Return of the DM

Our pal Bruce recently returned for a visit this past month and we all sat down for a rousing evening of High Adventure Role Playing. It was a fine eveniing of gaming, drinking, eating, carousing, and reminiscing. The gang turned out in force, except the perpetually MIA Skippy, to hang for the night and get up to some no-good RPG hijinx.

Bruce was enamored by these old plastic polyhedral dice.

So, we talked Der Jennifer into breaking out the camera and snapping this highly artistic pic of said dice and her character sheet (remarkably devoid of beer stains).

Of course, it wasn't too long before long time Game Masters become distracted. As Bruce points out so eloquently, DM's are easily distracted by porn.

We read it for the articles, of course.

Judging by our doughy physiques, we also get easily distracted by food.

As food coma sets in, we usually then engage in a rousing game of "Who's Goatee Looks Like An Old Woman's Bush. Quatto usually wins.

And as night draws into the wee hours, we need to have the obligatory group pic. Contrary to what you may be thinking, these fellas are high on action role-playing and not grass.

Of post of friends is complete without...

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Old said...

So, I am guessing in the next to last photo it is the fellow on the left who is a horse trader, or at least the son of a horse trader.