Thursday, March 20, 2008

How Much Mo Can She Ho

Wow. This story just gets more bizarre by the day. As we all know, this above specimen of bedroom gymnastics is the chicka that brought down Governor Spitzer. It was revealed she's:

1) A high class prostitute
2) Terrible singer
3) One of Joe Francis' 'Girls Gone Wild' whorelets
4) Will go all lesbianic with other babes for a GGW t-shirt
5) Wears a trucker hat ala Ashton Kutcher which makes her look like a total douchetard

Now it turns out that the SEVEN video tapes whe made for GGW and her little girl-girl tryst on film happened when she was just 17. How does one become nasty by 17? Seriously, she's on the Traci Lords fast track to porn infamy at this point.

Hell, Skippy may have a chance with her after all.

1 comment:

William said...

I think the line Skippy would have to stand in to get a little piece of that would be waaaay too long and cause him to lose patience causing an eruption of anger that would flood the small truck stop hotel and all of it's sheets...