Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stacy Dash, Emma Watson, Jessica Rabbit, and Madonna's half-yeti daughter Lourdes. Is it Enough to Make the Internets Asplode?

Hello loyal readers. I must say that Maynard's little blog-o-pain has registered over a thousand hits a day several times this month. Upon consulting my mapstats, it would appear that people are largely visiting here looking for pics of babes. Now as you all know, your favorite superhero is down with the ladies. He has no problem posting a pic or two of some saucy tart now and then. But it seems that yours truly and his little crimefighting blog here has been inundated by fans of Hermione, Mrs. J. Rabbit, that 'Clueless' girl, and Madonna's little Daughter-It, the clear favorites. Thus, I provide them all here to see if their combined drawing power will cause my Internets to Asplode!

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