Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh My God

The Bling Gnome has made its way to the MMO PC game, Dungeon Runners, where it will follow players around eating item drops and converting them to gold which it drops out of its enchanted butt.

Part of press release, see it to believe it:

The Bling Gnome, found exclusively in the new Dungeon Runners retail pack, is a bejeweled gangster helper that will save players the tedious chore of picking up loot and taking it to a game merchant for storage or sale. Instead, the Bling Gnome has the ability to pick up most items and convert them into gold instantly in a gassy display from its rear end, no matter what game map the player is occupying.

Additionally, during a particularly flashy "swords-into-goldshares" conversion process, the Bling Gnome will produce magical droppings where players can find powerful items, along with gold. The more items a player picks up at one time, the better chance that the Bling Gnomes' miraculous buttocks will produce an uber-item.

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craig said...

That's pretty damn funny.