Sunday, June 15, 2008

Belkin Wireless G Plus Router

Here is my first ever post about dealing with IT stuff. Andrew will be proud.

So my old router crapped out on me. The douche-nozzle at Best Buy talked me into buying the above router. I only have my XBox 360 and my desktop Dell plugged into it. However, ever since I got it, I could not download files or play videos. I thought it was a Flashplayer issue but I did my Net research and saw others who have the Belkin router had similar issues. So I called tecj support, talked to some guy named "Jerry" from Bangalore, India. Turns out the Belkin has a firewall that limited streaming video and downloads. So, after five minutes work, I was able to disable the firewall and things seem pretty serviceable ever since. Those who experience similar problems should use their installation disk to access the router menu to do this.