Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Behold the Wonder

Sweet Jumping Pac-Messiah, this is a thing of endorphin-dumping beauty: The "Gamerator," a full-size MAME cabinet with a refrigerated interior that holds a pony keg that releases a stream of malty beer from a tap in front. It's available for auction right now on eBay starting at $2k (including a full list of games for which I highly suspect the makers do not have the proper licenses; maybe they should remove the list from the auction.)

Time to stock up on Depends, friends.

(My winter project is still going to be a chest-freezer-based kegerator/homebrew fermenting cooler, but man. Now I feel like I'm going to have to nerd it up a notch. Also, I really think that either Scott or Andrew needs to buy one of these).

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