Monday, August 13, 2007

Our movie poll is over and Blazing Saddles won running away. But now it is a new week and new poll.

Morty, my best pal from back in the day, used to be a major Pittsburgh Steeler fan. Being a NE Ohioan, it's not unusual to see retarded people select the Steelers as their team. However, as he grew older, he then began to like other teams.

Bills during their four year Super Bowl run
Falcons (as witnessed by his red velvet Atlanta Falcons cowboy hat)
Chargers today

And so on. It would seem, as Squid pointed out, that Morty likes whoever is good and has little loyalty to any team that goes in the crapper. Squid points out Morty's irrational love for the Yankees as another sign that Morty only likes the best. Last year he was also singing the praises of the Chargers and LaDanian Tomlinson untill they lost in the conference final.

So this year, who will be Morty's favorite team? Vote below. Vote early. Vote Often.


Andi said...

Not sure where to cast a vote.... don;t see a poll link.... but my bet is on the Pats

MegatonMaynard said...

All the way at the bottom of the page. They are always there.

MegaDisgruntled said...

I don't remember ever being a 49er's fan. They were fun to watch but never a fan. You did however forget about me being a Bills fan during the 4 Super Bowl losses in a row.

As for this year, I am a Charger fan, as Becky is a Charger fan also.

But the honest truth is that being a gambler, my favorite team is the one that pays.

Also, as the Squid may remember, if he has any brain cells left, I like the Yankees because of my All-Time favorite manager Joe Torre, not for any other reason.

And because I am referred to as a "fair weather fan," I will leave you with my only true team that I have never waivered from.