Monday, July 30, 2007

My Five Favorite Comedies

So as I troll the internets, I check out this 411Mania web page a lot. They have a lot of Top Five Lists and last week it was their top five comedies. Sadly, none of my top five comedies seems to have appeared there. Also, many of their choices were movies I've not seen (Woody Allen films) or films I felt were too stupid to watch (Napoleon Dynamite). Thus, without further ado, MegatonMaynard presents his Top Five Comedy Films of all Time.

Today is number Five: Cheech and Chong's Next Movie.

This movie had me crying with laughter and now, decades later, I still get a good laugh out of it. Memorable scenes include:

1) Chong rocking out in the record store and blowing the amplifier on the guitar
2) Cheech and Chong spend an afternoon surrounded by the freaks at the welfare office. I have spent a day at the welfare office. Before then, I thought the film was making a gross exaggeration of the misfits and loons there. Now I realize that those scary ass people are real.
3) Chong riding his motorcycle in the house and nearly choking to death while smoking a roach. A real roach.
4) Cheech and Chong stealing gas by putting it in a steel garbage can and then dumping it all over the car trying to get some of it in the tank. Garbage everywhere. Gas everywhere. Then Chong lights up. Classic.
5) Cheech teaches Chong some Spanish words, all of which are socially reprehensible. After they crash into the front lawn of a family of latinos, Chong busts out some "Hey assholes, how ya doing" in Spanish. The look on Cheech's face was classic.

Check back for film number four later this week.

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MegaDisgruntled said...

I am appalled that Rhinestone is not listed