Friday, July 27, 2007

Local Boy Makes Good

North Central State College honors top faculty members
Eric Williams, Carmen Morrison selected for 2007

MANSFIELD -- Eric Williams, of Wooster, has been selected North Central State College's 2007 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member.

He has taught in the humanities division since 1999 and was the first adjunct faculty to be selected for Phi Theta Kappa's Outstanding Instructor Award.

He helped to establish the Adjunct Advisory Committee and has taken an active role in Adjunct Orientation.

Williams has a Master of Arts in humanities from California State University.

He will be invited to the awards program of the Ohio Association of Two Year Colleges in October at the University of Akron's Summit College.

Terry Coleman, dean of business and education and Williams' supervisor said, "His students love his exuberance and his positive evaluations reflect that."

Carmen Morrison is North Central State College's 2007 Outstanding Faculty Member.

The nominations spoke of the dedication that Morrison has to students, peers and the college, officials said.

Therese Busner, vice president for learning and Morrison's supervisor, said, "Though Carmen is the first to acknowledge her colleagues' efforts and minimize her own, she stands out as an enthusiastic, dedicated and charismatic educator."

Morrison has been at the college since 1993 and is now a professor in Computer Information Systems.

Morrison has been instrumental in the development of the College's online curriculum.

She has led the way in online learning and has been an educator to her peers in the field of online learning.

Because of her efforts, NCSC now offers several classes online for a more flexible learning environment for students.


Sneti said...

Most of this is just gibberish to me since your education system is clearly SO inferior to the one in Slovenija. But I do sense some accomplishment in this and I congratulate you, Eric.

You're still invited to the wedding, btw.

sLOVEnian Serge

MegatonMaynard said...

Serge, you big tease.

MegaDisgruntled said...


Very proud of you.


Enoch said...

Congrats, Maynard!

Back in high school, I don't think any of us would have even considered you'd be a college professor, but it's times like this that it's nice to be proven wrong.