Saturday, January 31, 2009


So my buds and I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Cheech and Chong Live last night at the State Theater in Cleveland. As soon as Benchoff and I heard that they were touring we dedicated ourselves to seeing them whenever they came to or close to Cleveland. We were pleased that they stopped over in C-Townb. Of course it was cold as hell.

Afterwards, we were all in agreement that this was one of the best shows we had ever seen. In parge part due, no doubt, to the premise that I (for one) was absolutely convinced that I would NEVER see this show materialize. It seemed as though there had been a lot of, say, bad blood between these two for so long that to see them live was a once in lifetime chance. I am most pleased we had the chance to take advantage.

So I trolled the YouTube today and found a couple of choice bits from their tour to share. They opened the show with their send up to "Up In Smoke".

Then they went into some musical numbers featuring Blind Melon Chitlin:

Space Mexican...

The Dogs: Ralph and Herbie...

And they finished with a sing-along...

All in all, it was an incredible that I am glad to have shared with some of my best friends. Check out the Light Up America Tour if you get the chance.

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