Monday, January 26, 2009

LARPer Love

Stumbled across this story today on

Google Street View Captures Your Shame* (GOOG)


By now, we all know if you write something embarrassing on the Internet under your own name, it's your own fault if your missive lives forever on Google's (GOOG) search engine.

But what if you do something embarrassing outside? Should there be a right to protection against Google's roving cameras, integrated into Google Maps?

The residents of 8 Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh, PA may be wondering that.


In case you're wondering, it seems we're looking at LARP ("live action role play"), which is sort of like Dungeons & Dragons. Except instead of sitting around in someone's basement with dice, you dress up in faux medieval armor and attack people with tinfoil swords.

All of which reiterates what we've always felt about Google Street View: Amazingly cool, but also kind of unnerving. Next time, head into the deep woods, fellas.

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