Monday, August 25, 2008

Ten Things You probably Missed in the Clone Wars Animated Movie

From pink astromech droids to gunship nosecone pinup aliens, the Clone Wars movie is full of fun little easter eggs. You can check out number 6 below.

Or check out the whole list HERE

During World War II, aviation crews would often decorate their bombers and other planes with one-of-a-kind paintings on the side of the aircraft's nose. They were often meant to raise spirits, boost morale, and remind everyone of the freedoms they were fighting for. Common elements include scrappy cartoon characters with a lot of fight in them, or pretty girls like the kind found in pin-ups and calendars of the 1940s.

The Republic gunships seen in The Clone Wars are a nod to that rich history of aircraft art. There are three seen in the movie, with more on the way from the series.

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