Friday, April 11, 2008

From the Desk of Tyler Durden

Paris Hiltons latest foray into reality television is supposed to be some train wreck where she auditions people to be her next best friend. And apparently that’s every bit as appealing as you might think. EW says...
The makers of Paris’s new reality show were hoping for a huge turn-out of potential applicants for casting calls. However, they didn’t get the number of people they had hoped for. One source tells OK!: “There were less than 40 people there."

And they said many of the 40 were just fuckups looking to get on TV, with no intention of going through with this nonsense. Instead of a show where she tries to find a best friend, how about a show where we put her in a rocket and shoot her into the sun. I know that doesn’t sound like a compromise in the traditional sense, but it is if you consider that I wanted to do a show where we imprisoned her on Monster Island.


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Old said...

I wouldn't mind hanging out with Paris as long as she is buying!