Friday, April 18, 2008

Dr. Quatto...Hermione is Finally Legal

Harry Potter star Emma Watson turned 18 on Tuesday, meaning she is now a legal adult and has full access to the fortune she has accumulated while acting since the age of 9. And that is way way more than you might think it is. The New York Daily News says…
For most teens, turning 18 and becoming a legal adult comes with a few small perks including voting rights. For Emma Watson, turning 18 grants her access to the $20 million she's amassed making the wildly popular film series.
But Watson's parents are making sure their daughter doesn't blow through her millions.
Watson has sat through a series of lessons in money management given by Coutts bank, the Daily Mail reports. She's reportedly learned about basic economics, investing, and philanthropy.
Wow this reminds me of my own 18th birthday party. Except replace the part about being famous and popular and amassing a huge fortune, with me alone in my bedroom doing a live version of Grease with my stuffed animals as the cast. You can't go back to Australia Sandy, you'll break my heart!


quatto said...

all i'm going to say is mm mmm.


Anonymous said...

Emma... If there would only be more girls like you in this world...