Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Precious Snowflakes That Are Daughters

After much study, I may have been able to translate this archaic piece of white trashery with the Roseghetto Stone. Like June Cleaver who spoke jive, I will try to speak and interpret this cryptic message.

"Hay, what up y'all. This here's your girl Lil' J and this lil girl right here...ain't scared uh nobody".

Hello everybody. This is your overly white friend tiny Jennifer, and this dwarfish young lady is here to tell you folks that my small stature and is not an indication of innate cowardice"

"So if ya got anaythang ta say ta me, you can sayit to my muthuhfarkin face or send me ah muthuhfuh...or hit me up on mah muthuhfarkin myspace"

If you feel the need to challenge this assertion, you may speak directly to me or send me a friendly (sic)... or look for me on my and leave me a message if you will.

"I ain't scared and this lil biatch right here will muthuhfarkin kill yo ass nig...guhh"

To review, I am small but brave and in fact may do you mortal injury not indicative of my challenged verticality or sinus infection, my afro-centric friend.

"So if you ave anaythang ta say you can say it"

"And if you wanna bump, let's go cause I ain't scared of yo muthuhfarkin ass,,,ight, biatch? Laytuh"

However, if you want to resort to fisticuffs (or a lesbian embrace...the diction is ambiguous here) you will find me an eager participant because I am mighty, allright neighbor? Good day.


Ann T Quittys thoughts said...

shock and amazement is the only thing I feel and can say. I hope this isn't what all the youth of America is becoming. I am still holding out hope.

JT said...

I think she has a cold. she sounds stuffy, maybe some NyQuil and some rest might clear her up?

Andy Donaldson said...

Another reason why my daughter will always have limited access to the internet while she lives under my roof.