Monday, February 25, 2008

Dusting Off The Old Poetry Book...

Sixteen years ago, with the help of my hetero-life mate Coach, the Prose, Poetry, and Acoustical Jam Night at Wayne College was born. Like some literary Frankenstien, it's been ugly, bloated, sinister, and reckless at times. However, it has also seen some decent acts over the years...some of which stick with me to this day (such as Coach's boy Bill Lally). This year's event is a little light on readers so your hero has agreed to read at this event...the first time is several years I have actually participated. Sara will be going with me so she can see her old man in all his litero-heroism. Wish me luck.

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Old said...

Good luck.

Tips for reading in public:

1. Be very drunk. It can only help your diction, and timing.

2. Read whatever you are going to read beforehand, at least once out loud, even if it is to an empty room.

3. Don't spit on the audience.