Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Hooked

So I've been playing the DnD Tiny Adventures on Facebook all weekend and I love it. The application is a simple turn-based text adventure with a handful of good images mixed in. Your character "Finds Adventure" and the game runs itself. You can walk away and come back in an hour or so and the adventure is done. As such, you don't have a lot of control over your character in game but you can equip and use potions and weapons or armor thorugh the encounters. My character, Ralphus, suffers from Squid-Dice Syndrome -- meaning that a on rather routine die roll where I only have to roll a 5 or better due to all my bonuses, I will invariably roll a 2.

Most of my buddies are on Facebook now with the major exception being Coach (Squid will likely NEVER be on). But I hold out hope becuse I really think the Faceboom could benefit from Coach's 'unique' writing talents on the variety of pages he could join. Plus he would be able to harp on Quatto daily.

Come join us Coach. Quatto, Sponge, Naked Bob and I are waiting for you to let Skippy have it.

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